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Luca Racioppo, tells his experience about working with Quattrobi on the making of HK, a special product designed by him.

How was Project HK born?

Like all good ideas it was born spontaneously. During one of my many journeys, in this case to Hong Kong.
It was conceived from a deliberately simple concept.

To create a technical device, with design. To bring functionality in its shape.
Make the soul of a light tting light itself.

How did the relationship with Quattrobi start?

With a very interesting project.
With curiosity and patience.
With a common vision.
With the right experience and resourcefulness. With a little bit of luck.

The heat sink is the element, why?

The heat sink is the soul of the light.
It controls the heat.
This being necessary and indispensible to ensure light.
Already it exists.
Already it works.
As with one being naked.
No tricks. Nothing is covered up. Everything is honest and functional.

The new projects?

Without reinventing anything just using what already exists in its best form.
There will be new products for new markets where Quattrobi are constantly evolving.

As are the ideas.

Luca Racioppo ARCHITECT, Milan, 1978

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